Wastelands Project is a personal project exploring and envisioning design changes for communities living in a chaotic post war future where resources are strained. Focusing on the re-use of salvaged materials, my goal was to create a range of vehicles and products that extended the use of discarded supplies.
As the vehicle would be one of the primary vehicles used for salvage recovery, it was key that it had plenty of space and functionality for storing cargo. Additionally this cargo would need to be protected from damage and theft. This was solved through using defense tools such as barbed wire, spikes and mesh caging.
Hyrail mechanisms are used on railway maintenance vehicles to make it easier to travel along the train tracks. Using this as a base, would open the vehicle up to a wider range of uses as well as being able to get closer to the faction location within the train station.
A multipurpose bumper and barrier which provides clearance protection, functionality and defence was created from metal salvaged from the surrounding environment.
This truck version features an easy access side barrier and a removable roof cover adding flexibility and privacy to the use of cargo area. 

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