Wastelands Project is a personal project exploring and envisioning design changes for communities living in a chaotic post war future where resources are strained. Focusing on the re-use of salvaged materials, my goal was to create a range of vehicles and products that extended the use of discarded supplies.
Supplies in a post-war situation are limited with only a select number of travelling merchants scattered around. Due to the remoteness of some of the locations, merchant trucks need to have a quick and convenient way to travel between communities. Using a scooter with a custom modular frame, the vendor can go from travelling to selling in seconds without having to set up a stall.
Initial exploration looked at various forms of travel and transport options including street vendors from around the world. Through this it was found that a scooter with an attached cart would meet the needs of the initial requirements.
Utilizing features such as a solar panel to power on board equipment such as signs and fridges created a convenient way for a range of merchandise to be stocked on the cart.

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