Wastelands Project is a personal project exploring and envisioning design changes for communities living in a chaotic post war future where resources are strained. Focusing on the re-use of salvaged materials, my goal was to create a range of vehicles and products that extended the use of discarded supplies.
Initial thumbnails explored different setups for the bench. I really wanted to utilise the environment that the workbench would be set in, so focused on the idea of using a repurposed ticket desk as the base for the upgrade bench.
Thinking about the material that would be available as building equipment, variations that incorporated barrels, wooden pallets and old lockers were explored.
Looking through modern workbench designs and the tools used on them, I was able to create a comprehensive list of items that the workbench should be able to accommodate. I also thought about what sort of modifications the end user would want to do to their weapons and tools in order to keep functionality a main factor in the design.
Sketchup was used to provide the base model for the final paintover.

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