Hi, I'm Mel!

I'm a freelance concept artist based in the UK. Thanks for stopping by!

City of Dominion - Personal Project
Set in a dystopian near future, City of Dominion is home to 2,643,921 residents. Each resident faces 24/7 monitoring and controlled living to varying degrees. Homeland Security act as a powerful military presence and take their orders from a new authority that arose in opposition to traditional government leadership.
Wastelands Project
Wastelands Project is a personal project exploring and envisioning design changes for communities living in a chaotic post war future where resources are strained. Focusing on the re-use of salvaged materials, my task was to create a range of vehicles and products that extended the use of discarded supplies.
Custom Vehicle Visualisation
Using my background in Transport Design, I have completed numerous vehicle visualistion projects for a variety of clients. These images are created to give the client an indication of what their custom design would look like when built.
Honor and Duty: Steampunk - Weapons
Honor and Duty: Steampunk is an upcoming title from Strange Games Studios which combines Steampunk and WWII to create a unique PvP experience for Playstation 5.
Argo Navis: Mars Alliance Standard Issue Pistol
Star Formation Inc. is an indie games developer creating the innovative and immersive space exploration game - ArgoNavis. My goal was to establish a visual style for the games weapons that could be a point of reference and inspiration for the design team going forward. Game website: http://argonavis.io/
Concept Vehicle Design
Concept Prop Design
A selection of various concept designs used in personal projects.